The brand was created by an alsatian horologist : Jacques Didisheim who opened a watchmaking workshop in 1860 named « Juvenia » in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Endowed with a great sense of vision and hunger for success, he finally moved to la Chaux-de-Fonds where he found the ideal environment to let his imagination flow. Under his management, Juvenia progressed and applied for several patents in 1910 after manufacturing a range of products in watchmaking and jewelry.


When Bernard succeeded his father Jacques, he concluded that to face competition from the other watchmakers he had to centralize the company's business. Thus, Juvenia moved to a new factory in la Chaux-de-Fonds and created the smallest watch movement ever made to this date. Thanks to Bernard's determination to fabricate products of excellent quality, high precision and exceptional creativity that will inspire Juvenia's values in the years to come.


As times change, Juvenia continues expanding and producing watches for the european, american, middle-eastern and far-eastern markets. The 70s testifie of the Swiss watchmaking industry's dramatical fall-off with the introduction of quartz watches and watches being manufactured in the Far-East. Juvenia went through this huge crisis as well as it could and in 1994, Juvenia became of the pioneers to conquer the chinese market.


Nowadays, Juvenia can be proud of its heritage as it is one of the few Swiss watch manufacturers that has produced watches without disruption for over 150 years, and also one of the few that still entirely produces watches in Switzerland with the best available materials. Although times change, Juvenia has stuck to its artistic colors, creativity, elegance and outstanding manufacturing traditions. Values that will keep perpetuating throughout the 21st century.