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Juvenia Watches SA - General Sales Terms and Conditions

The present general sales terms and conditions (hereafter "GTC") shall apply to all contracts of sale made between Juvenia Watches SA (hereafter "We" or "Us") and its customers (hereafter "You") on the website www.juvenia.ch (hereafter the "Website").

1. Conclusion of contract

1.1. The presentation of our products on the Website is a non-binding invitation to order our products of our current collections.

1.2. By submitting your order, You declare your binding intention to enter into a purchase contract. For any product of the current collection, the immediate automatic email reply confirming the receipt of your order shall be regarded as our confirmation of your order. However, we reserve the right to cancel this order if your order had been erroneously accepted although it should have been refused (i.e. if the stock had already been sold out, or your order was in excess of the allowed quantity according to §1.4 below). In such a case, You will be informed by email within seven business days and refunded accordingly, unless You would prefer to choose another model in replacement.

1.3. The delivery of any product of the current collections ordered by You shall occur within ten days as from the first business day following the receipt of your order. The delivery period indicated above is for information purpose only and are not contractually binding. We shall have an additional period of sixty (60) days before we are in default for the delivery, in which case you may withdraw your order and revoke the contract (for the detail, see: §2.2 below).

1.4. We sell our goods exclusively to end customers who are over the age of 18, and exclusively in quantities which are typical of retail commerce.

1.5. The product presentation and description are a non-binding invitation to order the products and cannot be considered as a binding offer by Juvenia Watches SA. Juvenia Watches SA does its very best to be accurate when showing colors, product descriptions, product images, pricing, promotions, availability, materials and any other information or content in the E-Boutique. However, Juvenia Watches SA cannot guarantee that namely the colors and general product impression displayed on customer’s device are accurate or true.

2. Rights of revocation

2.1. Initial 7-days right of revocation (only for products of our current collections)

We grant You a right of revocation for the purchase of any product of our current collections. You may freely exercise this right, without stating any reason, but only within seven days as from the date of your order (the revocation period).

In order to be valid, this revocation must contain an unequivocal statement informing Us of your decision to withdraw from the contract of sale. It must be sent by You, by email at the address info@juvenia.ch, at the latest at 23.59 (Your time) of the seventh day of the revocation period.

2.2. Default in delivery

In case our delivery is delayed more than sixty (60) days after the end of the delivery period (as defined in §1.3 above), You will be entitled to withdraw your order and revoke the contract at any time, at the sole condition that your notification in this respect is received by Us before We would have sent You the confirmation that the product would have already been shipped to You. In order to be valid, your notification must be sent by You, by email at the address info@juvenia.ch.

2.3. Consequences of revocation

If You revoke the contract of sale according to §2.1 or §2.2, We will fully reimburse You without delay upon receipt of your revocation, insofar as your revocation has been received before the shipment of the purchased product.

If the product(s) had already been shipped when We receive your revocation, You shall return Us the product(s) within seven days of its delivery in your hands at the latest. The product(s) must be returned to Us (even though they would have been shipped by one of our partners abroad (see §3.1 below), in the original package, at our address, as follows:

Juvenia Watches SA
Customer Service Online Shop
Rue du Châtelot 21
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Phone: +41 32 925 70 00

Upon receipt of the returned product(s), We shall then fully reimburse You (excluding your cost for the return), at the condition that no damage due to negligent or inappropriate handling or use of the product(s) has been caused by You, in which case the reimbursement will be reduced in due proportion.
Non-refundable handling charges may be charged by your bank when payment is made by a credit card.

3. Delivery - Shipping costs

3.1. Deliveries are always made by air shipment, directly through our regional forwarders (FedEx, TNT, DHL,UPS) or, depending on your location, by one of our partners abroad.

3.2. We may cancel confirmed orders due to external circumstances outside of our control, in which case We will immediately inform and reimburse You.

3.3. We may, if necessary, make partial deliveries, after sending You an email in advance informing You of a timetable for your orders.

3.4. International orders are subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. Your best course of action would be to contact your local customs office if You are unsure of these fees. Customs clearance procedures may cause delays in delivery. We are in no way responsible for these costs or delays. Taxes and VAT duties are included in payments for the following countries: Eurozone (except Portugal), Switzerland, Australia, USA, Mexico, United Kingdom. Juvenia Watches SA does not act as importer of record. The Taxes and VAT duties are paid in advance by the foreign shipper, which acts as importer, on behalf of the ultimate consignee, the end buyer. Taxes and VAT duties are paid in the country of final destination.

4. Prices and methods of payment

4.1. The prices indicated on the Website at the date of order are applicable.

4.2. You may choose to pay for the product(s) by one of the methods of payment offered when completing the order, according to the terms and conditions mentioned. Depending on the result of the check on your data (solvency check, identity check), We reserve the right to exclude some methods of payment.

4.3. All payments must be made exclusively in advance, and using a valid credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners, JCB, China Union Pay). Accordingly, We cannot accept any responsibility for any problems attributable to Your credit cards.

5. Warranty

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the legal provisions are applicable in respect of warranty, for a duration of two years as from the date of delivery to You. We shall fully assume this warranty, also in case the delivery is made by one of our partners abroad (§3.1 below).

6. Repairs

For any repair, You shall contact Us at the following address:

Juvenia Watches SA
Rue du Châtelot 21
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Phone: +41 32 925 70 00
Email: info@juvenia.ch

To that effect, each product must be returned in its original packaging and with the warranty certificate. If the original packaging cannot be used, the product must be sent in a packaging suited to its transportation. You must pay the delivery costs. If unsuitable packaging is used, the appointed shipping company may refuse to collect the product. In the absence of the warranty certificate, any repair will be invoiced.

7. Copyright and trademark law

The full contents of the Website, including texts, graphics, photos, animated images, soundtracks, illustrations and software, are our property or that of our affiliated companies, licensees and/or content providers. These contents are protected by copyright and other rights. They may not be used without our express authorization. Unless otherwise stated, all the trademarks used on the Website belong to Us. It is forbidden to use them without our written authorization.

8. Protection of personal data

We may become aware of personal data concerning You, either because We are entitled to ask You for them in accordance with these GTC, or because We collect them automatically. Whatever the nature of these data, We undertake to make every effort to process them in the strictest confidentiality, to protect them, and to strictly use them only to carry out Your requests or to improve services which may be offered to You on the Website or by email communication (newsletter). Nonetheless, You may at any moment exercise Your right to access, rectify or object to the use of these data by logging into Your customer account or by emailing Us at the following address: info@juvenia.ch

9. License to access the Website

You are authorized to access and use the Website for personal purposes only and You may not, under any circumstances, without Our express written permission and under penalty of prosecution, use it or any of its contents for commercial purposes or for any other activity which may be damaging to Us.

10. Liability

We undertake to make every effort to give You the best possible service quality in accordance with the work carried out by all our staff. However, We cannot be held liable for any delay in the delivery of items ordered and in particular in the event that our suppliers run out of stock or in the event of any delay in the delivery of these items by our order delivery partners. Nevertheless, You may withdraw your order and revoke the contract in case of excessive delay in delivery (see §2.2 above). In any case, You shall have no claim whatsoever against Us, neither in case of your revocation (at the conditions provided for at §2.1 and 2.2 above) nor in case of our cancellation (at the conditions provided for at §1.2 and §3.2 above or for any other justifiable reason).

Despite Our vigilance and all the precautions We have taken with the partners with which We work to enable You to enjoy the services We offer, We do not guarantee that the Website and its various elements will function without disruption. Consequently, We cannot accept any liability for any direct or indirect damage that may result from access to or use of the Website or any of its elements. Similarly, We cannot accept any liability for the consequences of your being unable to access or use it.

Moreover, We cannot accept any liability for any risks associated with the installation of software that may make it possible to view the Website or for any damage resulting from transmission errors, technical faults, overloads or interruptions in communications. We do not accept any responsibility for the content of external web pages.

11. Applicable law – Jurisdiction

These General Sales Terms and Conditions are subject exclusively to Swiss law. The coercive measures of your country of residence are excluded. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded. Any dispute regarding these General Sales Terms and Conditions shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

12. Modification of these GTC

We reserve the right to make any changes and corrections to this notice. Please refer to this page from time to time to review these and new additional information. In case of discrepancies between language versions, the English version shall prevail.

13. Publisher/operator of the Website

Juvenia Watches SA
Rue du Châtelot 21
CH - 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Fax : +41 32 925 70 08
E-mail : info@juvenia.ch

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