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The art of dressing time

Juvenia was founded in 1860 in Saint-Imier by Jacques Didisheim, an Alsatian watchmaker who emigrated to Switzerland in the 19th century. Dynamic and avant-garde, Juvenia has distinguished itself over the years with its creativity and ability to breathe life into watches through exceptional decorations. Aesthetic research has always been the house’s central concern, along with the development of timekeeping technology. Thus, technical research has allowed for the development of ever thinner, ever more precise watch movements which, combined with the directors’ full and fertile imaginations, gave life to a spectacular range of watches in a variety of shapes and avant-garde designs.

150 years of uninterrupted production have allowed Juvenia to boast of a rich heritage and exceptional savoir-faire, giving it a prominent place among the renowned Swiss watchmaking houses. Both classic and non-conventional, Juvenia offers products loved by connoisseurs searching for unique pieces imbued with a touch of fantasy.