Juvenia Watches


The sextant was a crucial nautical navigation instrument that aided mankind’s conquest of the ocean during the Age of Discovery. Juvenia took elements of this instrument, translating them into unique design that featured across the dial of the Sextant watches. A protractor, a ruler and a compass needle reimagined as the hands to indicate the hours, minutes and seconds, giving this collection its distinctive and unconventional style.

Sextant III SXA1.6.096.21 Sextant III Sextant III SXA1.6.296.21 Sextant III Sextant III SXA2.4.094.20 Sextant III Sextant III SXA2.4.594.21 Sextant III Sextant III Architect SXA2.4.G94.20 Sextant III Architect